We offer Spa Inspired Pedicures & Manicures.
We offer Artificial & Natural Nails Care.


Twila T. November 29, 2012

"I've been going to My Day Spa for several years and have always had a wonderful experience. The pedicures are relaxing and well done. At any rate, I have recommended them time and time again and will continue to do so."

Sandy W. March 18, 2011

"Need a nail salon? Need a nail salon to go to? Well stop by My Day Spa. Friendly staff and is very clean. If you really want your nails to look really good come to Elegante Nails Spa, you will fall in love with it!"

Susan Y. March 31, 2010

"Very good Nail salon!.This is the best nail salon then all the other ones here. Clean,and great,and sweet staff. They do amazing on nails and toes!"

Emma Y. March 31, 2010

"They do a great job on eyebrows. They listen and take a lot of time to get it right. Great value also. Pros: great waxing services!"

Blue J September 11, 2012

"Pretty Good for manicures. They have regular salon prices. They were very nice and much better than the salon in the mall. My nails looked wonderful after a manicure! I got my nails done there before my wedding and was very satisfied.."

Maureen N. March 18, 2011

"I love My Day Spa and have been going there for years to get my manicures and pedicures. They are very good and provide great customer service. I love that they know who I am when I come in!"

Chloe F. March 31, 2010

"Best Nail Salon. It is the best nail salon I've ever been too!! It is very clean and the staff there is very sweet. They do very good at nails and toes!"

Theresa L. November 29, 2010

"I love the pedicures here. I am not much of a manicure girl but love to be pampered with a pedi. My feet are always soft and look great when I leave."